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The Munich Tapes

source: 6/3/84 

Side one: 
Highway 61 revisited 
All along the watchtower 
Just like a woman 

Side two: 
Maggie's farm 
I and I 
License to kill 
Got my mojo working 

Side three: 
It ain't me babe 
It's alright Ma (I'm only bleeding) 
Don't think twice, it's alright 
It's all over now, Baby Blue 

Side four: 
Masters of war 
Ballad of a thin man 
When you gonna wake up 
Every grain of sand 

Side five: 
Like a rolling stone 
Girl from the north country 
Lonesome death of Hattie Carroll 
Blowin' in the wind 

Side six:
I shall be released 
Tombstone blues 
Why do I have to choose 
Forever young 

This set was also released as the 3 LP set entitled 'Live in Munich

View enlarged images below

LP Front
LP Back
Wonderful European 3 LP picture disc set uniquely packaged in a metallic silver box .  All discs are identical except for a number on the lower front side. Great concert shots of Bob. This 1986 release is from Germany's White Bear Label.  Unique messages in each runoff (see below) Great audience recording. 

Also released as three standard grey marble LPs with generic silver 'GUILTY' cop labels. That set came in a black box with a small silver sticker. No inserts, photos, or information as to venue, etc. 

There are problems with the packaging of the picture disc set as well. Number one ... there is absolutely no information with this set.  Not one printed word.  There could have at least been an insert in the box listing the song lineup.  Also, since this was a very limited set that sold at a premium price, white bear could have at least made each picture disc different.  Even though it is a great looking picture disc ... the consumer would much rather have had three picture discs than one picture disc three times 
The marble set was limited to 150 copies.   NMP115
The pic disc set was limited to 100 copies. NMP150 

7  stars          NMP140

Matrix: Munich (1-6) 

Unique messages: 
In each of the LP side runoff areas the manufacturer has left a special message: 
Side one: "Bobby's back again..." 
Side two: "... and Joan, Mick, & Carlos too..." 
Side three: "... playing the Olympic Stadium ..." 
Side four: "... singing the nightingale tunes ..." 
Side five: "hope you stay forever young ..." 
Side six: "see you again!       Great, isn't it?" 

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