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Nearer to the Fire 
source: various live
Side one: 

Repossession blues 
Ain't gonna go to hell for nobody 
Rise again 
No man righteous 
Seven days 
I must love you too much 

Side two: 
Caribbean wind 
Cover down breakthrough 
Coming from the heart 
Thief on the cross 

Track # sources: 
    S1-1   Tokyo 2/28/78 
    S1-2   San Francisco 11/17/80 
    S1-3   Portland 12/3/80 
    S1-4   San Francisco of 11/16/79 
    S1-5   St. Petersburg 4/20/76 
    S1-6   New York City 9/29/78 
    S2-1   San Francisco 11/12/80 
    S2-2   Buffalo 5/1/80 
    S2-3   St. Paul 10/31/78 
    S2-4   New Orleans 11/10/81 
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Front Cover
Back Cover

This 1983 Swingin' pig release from Germany doesn't quite come up to the standards of their subsequent releases.  Black and white cover. Some LPs carry a logo sticker.  Full song lineups and venues on back (this is always a plus) blank or custom 'Lips' labels. 
Not the best of audience recordings. (Partly from the fact that they're from so many sources).  However, a quick scan of the titles tells you that this piece is worth it just for the rarity of the songs.  That is what the intentions of the piece were in the first place. 
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5-7 stars        NMP40

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