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Number One 
(Minneapolis Autumn 1960)

source: First Minneapolis tape

Side one: 
Red rosy Bush 
Johnny I hardly knew you 
Jesus Christ 
Streets of glory 
K. C.  moan 
Muleskinner blues 
I'm a gambler 
Talkin' Columbia 
Talkin' merchant marine 
Talkin' Hugh Brown 
Talkin' lobbyist 

Side two: 

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Very rare picture disc of  very rare material.  There were only 100 copies produced of this 1985 European picture disc. Part of the Minnesota party tape, this is some of the earliest known recordings of young Bob.  Great black and white picture of Bob and guitar and photo from high school year book.  One sided LP. (LP states 
" [songs are on] other side" ... "Don't play this side" ... 
Obviously, the stampers were loaded backwards as the photo side is the only side with grooves.  The same disc was reissued in 1987 with a black & white cover. again, only 100 were produced. Also issued that year as 660, a standard two sided LP with color vinyl that was pressed from the original plates as the above issues.  Not the best of qualities, but I don't know that an excellent quality tape exists 

1-3 stars         NMP75   standard release NMP45

Matrix:660 (no matrix on picture disc)

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