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Out of system,
ausser Kontrolle

source: 9/17/87

Side one: 
Simple twist of fate 
Dead man, dead man 
Shelter from the storm 
Highway 61 
I dreamed I saw St. Augustine 

Side two: 
Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35 
I and I 
Like a rolling stone 
Blowin' in the wind 
In the garden 


Q: Why is the word spelled 'außer' on the cover

A: In germany, before the war, a special character called "RingelS" (which looked much like the Beta character) was used as a double s. This is the character used on the cover to spell the word "ausser".  On the modern typewriters and keyboards the use of the RingelS has been replaced by a double s.
--P.A. ten Haaf--

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Front Cover
Back Cover
Information:© 1998 Craig Pinkerton - MWE

This 1988 East German piece on the OstKreuz &  Co. ReKords Label is an embarrassment on  many levels. 
First of all the shoddy cover.  Obviously it is not marketed towards USA buyers ... but I don't see any connection to Bob. 
A Xerox insert inside the LP lists song titles in English. 
The source is Treptower, East Berlin. 
Blank yellow labels. 
Audience recording is below average.  Worst of 
all, there is talking, shouting, clapping, screaming, etc. 
etc. through the entire record.  Many times drowning 
out Bob altogether! There were only 300 hand- numbered  copies produced.  The NMP price listed reflects the virtual non existence of this piece in the United States. © 1998 Craig Pinkerton - MWE

2-3 stars       NMP45

matrix: BDEB-88- A/B

© 1998 Craig Pinkerton / MWE