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source: Infidels outtakes

Side one: 
License to kill 
Man of peace 
Neighborhood bully 

Side two: 
Don't fall apart on me tonight 
Blind Willie McTell 
Sweetheart like you 
I and I 
Foot of pride 

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Front Cover
Back Cover
Information:© 1998 Craig Pinkerton - MWE

A 1984 European piece. Originally in a nice full color cover with a porcupine sticker, it was re-issued in the black and white cover shown in the photos. 
Two great pictures (one from the '60s & one from the '70s) were used to create the cover for this '80s material.  Back cover lists song lineup and personnel.  Blank labels.  No other information 
This is a reissue of  'Down in the flood' The source is studio outtakes from NY's Record Plant Studios, 
April & May 1983. The clever title refers to the songs being outtakes of the Infidel sessions.
© 1998 Craig Pinkerton - MWE
8 stars        NMP45
matrix: ARD-AZ-10 A/B (Plus  production date: 28-7-84)

© 1998 Craig Pinkerton / MWE