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Royal Albert Hall 
London May, 26 1966
(Picture Disc)
source: 'RAH'
Side one: 

Tell me Mama 
I don't believe you 
Baby let me follow you down 
Just like Tom thumb's blues 

Side two: 
Leopard skin pill box hat 
One too many mornings 
Ballad of a thin man 
Like a rolling stone 

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The Live Dylan 1987 Bulldog
By 1987 the awful truth was taking hold that vinyl was on it's last legs as far as mass production was concerned. The CD would soon be king. These changes were starting to take hold of the boot industry as well. One of the earlier CD releases was this quasi-legitimate title that came out on both LP and CD. The end of what had been a way of life to several generations had already been set into motion. 
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This great 1987 boot on the Italian Label Bulldog, is a nice looking picture disc that reproduces the front and back covers of the standard release with a cartoon front,  and full concert information on the back.  This guasi-legit piece boasts all of the features of a major label release. Good vinyl, great sound, and full info on back. It was released in a thick, clear plastic sleeve with an information sticker on the front. 
This disc was pressed from the same all new stamping plates as the standard release. 

Part of Bulldog's "It was more than 20 years ago" series, they put this banner across the front of all their releases to show their compliance to the twenty year Italian copyright laws. As most of the western world upholds a longer copyright, the LP was not legal to be exported. 

9 stars      NMP55

Matrix: BGLP 001


Thanks to Vicki for pic disc photos

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