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What's Happening Here?
source: July 7 & 10, 1986
Side one: 

You win again (Hank Williams)
I'm a King bee (James Moore)
Let the good times roll (Leo Lee)

Side two: 
Earth angel (Dootsie/Curtis Williams)
It's all over now, Baby blue * 
Desolation row *
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This 1987 European piece was produced by Fan Club International Associates. The source is an impromptu jam with Etta James and band at the Marriott Inn Mansfield 7/10/86, except for *Dylan and the Dead, Washington, July 7, 1986
Simple black and white cover. Stock label. Black vinyl.  Some non-Dylan songs are wrongly titled on cover. 

7-8 stars       NMP45

Matrix: obliterated (which brings up the possibility that this was pressed from the plates of another intended release; though none is known. Certainly, no other release was ever issued.)

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