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Woodstock Revisited 
source: Basement tapes
Side one:

This wheel's on fire 
You ain't going nowhere 
I shall be released 
Too much of nothing (take II) 
Open the door, Homer (take I) 
Open the door, Homer (take II) 
Open the door, Homer (take III) 
Nothing was delivered (take I) 
Nothing was delivered (take II)

Side two: 
Tears of rage (take II) 
Tears of rage (take III) 
Quinn the Eskimo (take I) 
Quinn the Eskimo (take II) 
Million dollar bash 
Yea! Heavy and a bottle of bread 
Please Mrs. Henry 
Down in the flood 
Lo and behold 
Tiny Montgomery

The source is the legendary basement tapes recorded at Big Pink (the Woodstock, New York home owned by The Band) between April and October 1967.  Although the recordings are in great quality, on the insert it states that they are taken directly from acetates. I don't know that CBS acetates exist of all of these tracks.
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Back Cover

Very rare German picture disc from 1985. Both sides of the picture disc contain the same half-tone photo of Bob in Woodstock.  Issued with a nice cardboard insert that lists song lineups, information, and contains three great photos. Severely limited to 150 numbered copies. (a)
There were four different packages released of this LP, all pressed from the same master plates, and all of the same high quality. Along with the picture disc, there was also a standard color vinyl release in 1985 that came in a deluxe cover (b). The pic disc (c) and LP (d) were also both re-pressed in 1987. This time, the standard release was pressed on red marble vinyl and came in a deluxe green jacket .

8 stars     NMP80 (a) 60(c) 50(d&b)


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