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Young - But Growing
source: Minneapolis Party tape

Side one: 
Come see (Woody Guthrie)
I want it now  (Woody Guthrie)
San Francisco Bay Blues (Jesse Fuller)
Long Time growin' (Trad.)
Devilish Mary (Bess Lomax Hawes)
Ramblin'  'round (Woody Guthrie)
Death don't have no mercy (Rev. Gary Davis)

Side two: 
It's hard to be blind (Dylan adaptation)*
This train (Big Bill Broonzy)
Long John take off ? (harmonica  solo)
Talkin' fish blues  (Woody Guthrie)
Pastures of plenty (Woody Guthrie)
*It's hard to be blind has been adapted by Dylan from the traditional song It's hard to be poor and  the Reverend Gary Davis' There was a time when I was blind. This train is Woody Guthrie's version of Big Bill Broonzy's This train is bound for glory.
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Thanks to Ivor  for LP photos
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German release from 1984. The first edition has a deluxe blue and silver cover. The LP is clear virgin vinyl. There is no label. All editions are severely limited. The first was issued in a quantity of 350 numbered, stamped pieces.
There were only 100 pieces issued of the second edition. It's cover is red and silver. The LP is pressed on red vinyl, and has fake TAKRL labels. The third edition has the same red cover and a fake TMQ label, but it was pressed on marble vinyl. The extra vinyl that had no cover was sent to the USA and released in a generic cover in 1988 with the title GWW Live 1961

A very early recording from May 1961. This represents the second half of the commonly circulated tape. The first half was released as "Minnesota 1961 Vol. 1"
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3-6 stars   1st ed. NMP45  2nd & 3rd ed.NMP55
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Matrix: none (burned out)
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