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Zim Zim Zabob
source: 7/10/86

Side one: 
You win again 
King bee 
Let the good times roll 
Earth Angel 
Fall in love with you 'Jam' [not Dylan]
Side two: 
(Jackson Browne) 
The load out 
Doctor my eyes 
Somebody's Baby
Although there is no mention anywhere on the cover or album, side two is actually a live Jackson Browne concert.  The concert would rate three stars.  Evidently it was the intent of the manufacturer to produce a Jackson Browne cover and insert this same LP, thereby having two albums to sell.  I don't have information on the Jackson Browne cover, but as far as I know it was never released.   This piece is from a conglomerate of interrelated Labels that I collectively refer to as " east coast "
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In 1987 R&G released several unrelated artists under this Label .  However, this conglomerate usually changed Label names Every time they issued a piece.
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Here is a rather bizarre 1988 USA piece on the Rockwell and Good music Label.  The cover is OK, but very unflattering photos front and back. The source is  live at the Marriott Inn, Mansfield, Massachusetts 7/09/86. (Cover says 7-10-86) Only side a is Dylan. The sound quality approaches atrocious at times, but the rarity of the material justifies the piece. The source material was tape recorded  from the much better sounding European album entitled "What's happening here?" 

1-3 stars     NMP20 

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