Enjoy Every Sandwich
The Songs of Warren Zevon

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In December of 2004 Artemis Records released a very special tribute album to the late Warren Zevon entitled ENJOY EVERY SANDWICH: THE SONGS OF WARREN ZEVON. The album features many of Zevon’s best-known songs performed by a stunning array of artists including Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Adam Sandler, Don Henley, The Pixies and many more. Also included are two never-before-released Zevon-penned songs: “Studebaker” performed by Zevon’s son, Jordan Zevon with background vocals provided by Wallflowers’ Jakob Dylan, and “The Wind” performed by Billy Bob Thornton. Legendary arranger Van Dyke Parks adds string arrangements to the beautiful “Keep Me In Your Heart”, performed by Jorge Calderon and Jennifer Warnes.

Bruce Springsteen pays homage to his late friend during the spoken introduction to his live track contribution, “My Ride’s Here”, calling Zevon “one of the great, great Ameican songwriters”. ENJOY EVERY SANDWICH: THE SONGS OF WARREN ZEVON is co-executive produced by Jorge Calderon and Jordan Zevon. Calderon co-produced and co-wrote Warren Zevon’s final album, the two-time Grammy-winning, gold-certified THE WIND. Calderon commented “This record is a celebration of Warren Zevon’s music, and Warren, being a true artist’s artist, attracted some of the best folks in contemporary music thus making it a very special party”. Jordan Zevon added “I’m so proud of this record and the diverse line-up of artists that participated. Hearing Dad’s songs voiced by such an eclectic collection of artists reminds you of what a brilliant songwriter he was”. Warren Zevon passed away on September 7th, 2003.
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This is a splendid release, and a beautiful tribute to a gifted writer. There are a few songs painfully absent though, most notably Accidentally Like A Martyr. Who wants to take responsibility for leaving out this powerhouse ballad? Songs such as Desperados Under The Eaves, Mohammed's Radio, Excitable Boy, Johnny Strikes Up The Band, Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner, Excitable Boy and a dozen others could have easily made this a 2 cd project. Obvious choices such as Stevie Nicks, Shawn Colvin, Neil Young, Meat Loaf, Joe Walsh, Lucinda Williams and a host of others could have covered the songs on disc two.
How could Dwight Yoakam have been excluded? Hopefully a second edition might be considered in the future. Well, all ranting aside, there are some true gems here. The biggest accolade goes for the inclusion of a Bob Dylan bootleg recording. Speaking of Dylan, son Jakob does a nice job covering Lawyers, Guns, & Money.... but interestingly, changes "Dad" to "Warren" in the line "Dad, get me out of here". Searching For A Heart is as smooth as any Eagles hit, and Poor Poor Pitiful Me is perhaps the best cover of that song to date. The Pixies do a fun version (if you're dark enough to call it fun) of Ain't That Pretty At All”, and Springsteen's heartfelt rendition of My Ride's Here can bring a lump to your throat. The two surprises here are a faithful (albeit a bit more rocking) version of Werewolves of London by Adam Sandler, And a powerful Don't Let Us Get Sick by Jill Sobule. If you're feeling a bit blue, better drag out the handkerchief before listening to Sobule's haunting vocals. Werewolves should see some radio time. This is one of music's little hidden treasure's that you owe it to yourself to seek out. You'll be glad that you did.
Review by CD Pinkerton

"Searching For A Heart" - Don Henley*
“Werewolves of London” - Adam Sandler**
“Reconsider Me” - Steve Earle ****
“Poor Poor Pitiful Me” - Jackson Browne with Bonnie Raitt **
“My Ride’s Here” (live) - Bruce Springsteen
“Lawyers, Guns, & Money” - Wallflowers *
“Studebaker” - Jordan Zevon ***
“The Wind” - Billy Bob Thornton *
“Splendid Isolation” - Pete Yorn ***
“Mutineer” (live) - Bob Dylan
“Monkey Wash Donkey Rinse” - David Lindley and Ry Cooder *
“Don’t Let Us Get Sick” - Jill Sobule *****
“Ain’t That Pretty At All” - Pixies
“Keep Me In Your Heart” - Jorge Calderon/ Jennifer Warnes *
“Keep Me In Your Heart” (strings only) – arranged by Van Dyke Parks

* produced by Jorge Calderon
** produced by Jorge Calderon and Waddy Wachtel
*** produced by Evan Frankfort
**** produced by the twangtrust
***** produced by Ken Stringfellow