The Monique D'Ozo label

In 1977, TAKRL (The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label) used this label extensively for about ten different artists. The real  Monique D'Ozo is one of over a dozen singers that were involved in a project called St. Tropez. The idea behind the 1977 project spearheaded by Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder was that they would take the then hot disco music, and sing racier lyrics in French. Inspired by gay disco, the theme would be gay and bi-sexual women. Over a five year period, the project produced three albums and five 45 rpm singles. The first  LP that came out (on the AVI Label?) in 1977 was called Je T'Aime, and was released on pink vinyl. Following was Belle De Jour (1978) and Hot And Nasty (1982 ). There was most likely a connection between TAKRL and D'Ozo, but it is unknown exactly what that connection was.

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