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1965 Interview 
source: San Francisco Press Conference

The complete December 3, 1965, 51 minute KQED TV Press Conference from San Francisco, California 

Baktabak is a company that made its name in the 1980s by manufacturing great looking vinyl picture disc LPs and EP sets. They rode the borderline of legality by releasing only public interviews as the disc recording. Interviews are not protected world wide by copyright laws. In 1987, an unknown European company referred to as 'Penthouse' beat them at their own game by releasing an incredible picture disc of Dylan's 1965 interview. It's a 51 minute press conference which was broadcast live by KQED TV. A decade later, Baktabak gains the upper hand by recording that vinyl release, and issuing it in their series of picture CD interviews. This CD is sold in most parts of the world as a legitimate title. It is included here as a boot, simply because it is not a Sony release, nor is it authorized by the Label or artist. 
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Source / Venue:
San Francisco Press Conference, Dec. 3, 1965

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Baktabak   /  CBAK 4107 
Released:    1997

Quality:    7 stars

Other Commercial Releases of San Francisco
1986- 500 #rd copies w/booklets rlsd by PDO
1987 LP by Hyway / Penthouse
1988 box set with photo
2003 release by Chrome Dreams

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