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Acetates on the Tracks 2
source: Studio outtakes

Highway 61 sessions:
Please Crawl Out Your window (3 takes)
Desolation Row
Ballad of A Thin Man  (2 takes)
I Wanna Be Your Lover
Don't Wanna Be Your Partner (1)
Visions Of Johanna (2 takes)(2)
She's Your Lover Now (3)
Instrumental (Dylan on guitar)
Working On A Guru (4)
Tomorrow Is A Long Time (5)
Nobody 'Cept You (6)

A full 74 minute disc offering various studio outtakes of the 60s and early 70s. This disc centers on the Highway 61 studio outtakes, and the studio recordings shortly after it's release. There's nothing new to be found here that hasn't been on boot before, but there are some great outtakes gathered together in one place. This is the second release of a series that was intended (as the title implies) to chronicle acetate recordings of studio outtakes. However, the project loses momentum after this release. The covers are generic scenes of roadways. While captivating, they have no Dylan tie-in.

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Source / Venue:
Highway 61 sessions CBS studios, NYC, June/July 1965
(1) CBS Studio A, NY 10-20-65
(2) CBS Studio A, NY 10-30-65
(3) BOB outtake, Music Row, Nashville, TN 1/21/66
(4) Harrison session CBS Studio B, NY 5/01/70
(5) CBS Studios, NYC May-July 1970
(6) Village Studio, LA, CA Nov. 2, 1973
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Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Treasure Records TRD-998
Howlin' Wolf Records / BDAT02

8 stars

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