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The Sideman Story Vol. 3
source: Various official releases
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Pledge My Head To Heaven (1)
A Pirate Looks At Forty (2)
We Are The World (3)
No Name On The Bullet (4)
Sun City (5)
Street Rock (6)
Band Of The Hand (7)
The Factory (8)
Love Rescue Me (9)
Crazy Love (10)
Saw You From A Foreign Window (10h)
One Irish Rover (10)
Nobody's Child (w/Traveling Wilburys)(11)
Spirit Of Rock And Roll (12)
Heartland (13)
Sammy's Song (14)
Boots Of Spanish Leather (15)

The Alias series of CDs are actually Pirate CDs rather than bootlegs. It is the intent to gather together all released, or partially available tracks from various artists' projects on which Dylan appears. Each CD of the series is limited to only 500 copies. Each copy is stamped with its' individual number. takes a dim view of pirate material, however. While the offering  is for the Dylan fan who doesn't want to have to purchase 9 or 10 different CDs that may only contain very minimal Dylan content, still, the artist offering this material to the public should not have to suffer the potential lost sale that this CD represents. This material is not so obscure as the first volume, and many can be found on line or ordered from local music stores. The one thing that this set has going for it (other than the perfect quality, of course) is the beautiful package, with unique photos and a full color photo CD.
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Also released as a box set

Thanks to Daniel Vestergaard for scans
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Source / Venue:
(1) So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt, Keith Green
(2) Peace Sunday, Pasadena, CA   June 6, 1982
(3) We Are The World single. Jan. 28 & 29 1985
(4) Language Barrier, Sly and Robbie RPM, NY April 1985
(5) Sun City single Hollywood, CA summer 1985
(6) Kingdom Blow, Kurtis Blow
(7) Band Of The Hand soundtrack Australia Feb. 9 1986
(8) Sentimental Hygiene, Warren Zevon
(9) Rattle And Hum, U2 Sun studio, Memphis May 1987
(10) One Irish RoverTV, w/Van Morrison
(11) Nobody's Child, various artists
(12) Brian Wilson session, LA, CA  1991
(13) Heartland, Willie Nelson
(14) David Bromberg, David Bromberg
(15) Other Voices, Other Rooms, Nanci Griffith
Notes:© 2000 CD Pinkerton -
(1) Small, but recognizable harp solo. Great song / artist.
(2) Lead vocal with too loud harmony by Baez. Fair quality.
(3) Bob sings lead on one verse
(4) Small, but recognizable harp solo 
(5) Bob overdubbed vocal on chorus, but it's buried in mix.
(6) Listen to Dylan rap throughout
(7) Lead vocals. Essential to own this one.
(8) Small, but recognizable harp solo
(9)  Essential. Bob co-wrote & sings on chorus
(10) Impromptu songs for TV show Bob sings backup
(10h) As above, but Bob only plays harp. Recorded 6/27/89
(11) Bob sings every chorus
(12) Bob sings a shared lead with Brian on one verse & chorus
(13) Bob sings 2nd verse & lead on all choruses
(14) Harp solo. David (Think Lou Reed) sings.
(15) Nanci Griffith's version of Dylan classic. Harp.

Manufacturer / Catalog #
Diamonds In Your Ear /  40

Released:   1998

Quality:   10 stars
Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-a20

© 2000 CD Pinkerton -
© 2000 CD Pinkerton -