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Are You Ready for the Carnival?  source: Clearwater '76 

Rita May
Going Going Gone
Lay Lady Lay
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Seven Days
Tangled Up In Blue
I Pity The Poor Immigrant
Blowin' In The Wind
One Too Many Mornings
Just Like A Woman
Maggie's Farm
I Threw It All Away

This manufacturer has not done its homework for this release. Its title sugests that this is the begining of the carnival. The track information lists the songs as October rehersals for the tour, and spells Revue incorectly. Those New York rehersals were recorded, and most were released as the soundtrack for Renaldo and Clara. A quick glance at the tracks would tell otherwise. The 1975 tour ended. In April of 1976, another tour was organized that was touted as the second Revue tour. In fact, this was an entirely different animal. If 1975 was a carnival, 1976 was a zoo! This recording captures the 1976 rehersals. The package is nice and clean, but awkward. The front cover contains no title. The back cover contains no info. In fact, it is printed sideways and contains the title, making it appear to be the front cover. Everything is printed in black and white. It's a nice enough package for the completeist, but far from a needed title for the average collector.
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Source / Venue:
Bellevue Biltmore Hotel Rehearsals
Clearwater, FL  April, 1976

Tangled Up In Blue  hasn't been included in  lists of known rehersal material, yet it was performed on the tour. It was likely run through at one rehearsal. This recording could also be from the end of the tour. On May 23, Dylan and the band practiced the song at the Coloroda Hotel eight or ten times. That evening, the Fort Collins concert would be recorded and filmed for the live album and TV special Hard Rain. Tangled Up In Blue was performed and recorded, but never released.
A song by song review of some performances can be found here.
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Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Jokerman     /     JKM-003

1992 ?

7 stars

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