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Blood on the Tracks
New York Sessions
source: Original test pressing

Tangled Up In Blue (Alternate Take)
Simple Twist Of Fate
You're A Big Girl Now (Alternate Take)
Idiot Wind (Alternate Take)
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome 
Meet Me In The Morning
Lily Rosemary / Jack Of Hearts (A.T.)
If You See Her, Say Hello (Alternate Take)
Shelter From The Storm
Buckets Of Rain

This incredible CD is the original New York session recordings taken directly from a mint condition test pressing of the intended release. Half of the tracks are the actual released versions, the other half on this CD were thrown away in favor of the Minneapolis versions. While the official BOTT is an impossibly ludicrous standard of comparison for non-released material.... this lone CD is a contender. While we are generally not tolerant of pirated material... as long as one owns the official BOTT, this CD can be forgiven. Hearing all tracks together as they were intended is pure magic. Listen in amazement to what, but for a simple twist of fate, would have been the official CBS release. Packaged very nicely with original graphics, period photos, and a fold out with the award winning Pete Hamill essay from the original back cover. Read essay For this release, the label took not only the name of the studio, but the logo as well. The A&R on the back is the same logo that appears on the test pressing from which this material was taken.  The disc itself is a mock up of an A&R test press label. Also released in 2001 by OMR.
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Source / Venue:
CBS A&R Studios, NYC  September 1974

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
A&R    /    S-19322
1998  re-released in 2001
10 stars

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