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Bob And Jerry
source: first and last performances 

Disc one
Drifter's Escape
Watching The River Flow
All Along The Watchtower
Simple Twist Of Fate
Mama You Been On My Mind
Desolation Row
One Too Many Mornings
Maggie's Farm
What Good Am I ?
Disc two
Like A Rolling Stone
It Takes A Lot To Laugh *
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 *
Warfield Theater
Gotta Serve Somebody
I Believe In You
Like A Rolling Stone
Keep On Falling In Love (The Girls)
Man Gave Names To All The Animals
To Ramona *
Ain't Gonna Go To Hell *
Girl Of The North Country *
Slow Train *
Walk Around Heaven (TheGirls)(Not included)
Disc three
Abraham Martin And John
Let's Keep It Between Us
Mary From The Wild Moor (Trad)
Covenant Woman
Solid Rock
Just Like A Woman
Simple Twist Of Fate
The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar
When You Gonna Wake Up?
In The Garden 
Blowin' In The Wind 
City Of Gold
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
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Source / Venue:
RFK Stadium, Washington, DC June 25, 1995
Fox Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA  Nov 16, 1980

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
BAJ  /   BAJ 1  BD01-1/2/3
Japan 1995
Other commercial releases of RFK 1995
Summer Night 1995
Other commercial releases of Nov 16
Bob and Jerry
Deep Blue Sea
Keep In Touch With The Antichrist

You Gotta Serve Somebody
Wear The Fox Hat
8½ stars  RFK  6½-7 stars Warfield

Bob's Boots ref  #

The idea behind this 3 CD set is to present the entire performances of the first concert, and the last concert that Bob and Jerry played together. While the idea sounds romantic, the set falls a little to the flat side. To start with a few track titles have been slightly misnamed (some to comic effect), there are only 5* tracks that feature Jerry. While the RFK material has a great sound (It might be a muffled soundboard), the Warfield is much weaker. All in all, it's slightly too much package for slightly too little satisfaction.

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