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Baez Years 1963-1964
source: various 63-64 see below


With God On Our Side
Forest Hills 1963:
Silver Dagger (JoanBaez)
Troubled And I Don't Know Why
Blowin' In The Wind [cuts]
Forest Hills 1964:
Mama You Been On My Mind
It Ain't Me Babe
With God On Our Side
Philharmonic Hall:
Mama You Been On My Mind
Silver Dagger (Baez w/ Dylan on harp)
With God On Our Side
It Ain't Me Babe
This title is best left to completeists. It's not even a good one to seek out on CD-r. There are several typo mistakes in the printed information. The Forest Hills show has been released on a Joan Baez title. The Oct. 13 show is an audience recording, and is in no way superior to available soundboards. The soundboard recording is now an official release that was planned for quite sometime. There is commonly circulating material that should have been included, but is absent (making this a short CD). The photos and aesthetics are nice, but not worth the price of a CD. This release smacks of a quickly thrown together junk title interested only in profit, and not in creating a collectible keepsake of valuable recordings. MainStream will have to do much better than this to stay in the game.
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Source / Venue:
Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI July 28, 1963
Forest Hills NYC August 17, 1963
Forest Hills NYC August 08, 1964
Philharmonic Hall, NYC October 31, 1964 

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Mainstream   /  MAST-91
Feb. 2004 (Japan)

8 stars

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