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Brixton Academy 2003 
source: November 25, 2003

Disc one
The Wicked Messenger [Bp]
Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread [Bp]
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum [Bp]
Blind Willie McTell [Bp / Lc]
Tangled Up In Blue [Bp / La / Te]
Million Miles [Bp]
Boots Of Spanish L (a) [BpBh  / Lc / Fe / Tu]
Highway 61 Revisited [Bp / Fs]
Love Sick [Bp]
Jokerman [Bp]
Hard Rain  (a) [Bp / Lc / FaTu]
Honest With Me [Bp / Ls]
Disc two
Hattie Carroll (a) [Bp / La / FeTu]
Summer Days [Bp / Tu]
Cat's In The Well [Bp]
Like A Rolling Stone [Bp]
All Along The Watchtower [Bp]
Bonus tracks:
Mama, You Been On My Mind (a) (1)
Tears Of Rage [Bp/h]  (2)
[Be] (3)
Dignity [Bp] (3)
To Ramona  (a[Be] (4)
Watching The River Flow  [Be / Ls] (5)
Simple Twist Of Fate [Bp/h / Lp] (6)

Brixton is a small, intiment venue where most seats feel close to the stage. This gives the audience the closeness to the artist not affordable at arenas. This closeness results in a marked feeling of adoration to the stage. As any performer knows, this responce is picked up by the artist and reflected back. Such was the performance tonight. Bob was said to have had just recoverd from larangytis that had been affecting his performances. He was feeling good on this night. He clearly enjoyed himself, the audience, the band, the venue, and the performance. He poured himself into it.
Wicked Messenger is a new, but powerful opening, and Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread is a surprise. Lovesick, Hard Rain and a sublime Boots of Spanish Leather were highlights of the show. As always, CC's package is to die for. This set was also released in a box set entitled London Tour 2003 that contained three other double disc releases of London venues.
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Source / Venue:
Brixton Academy London, UK November 25, 2003
Bonus tracks:
(1) NEC  Newcastle, Australia  February 18, 2003
(2) Germain Amphitheater Columbus, OH Aug. 6, 2003
(3) Docks   Hamburg, Germany   October 17, 2003
(4)   Docks   Hamburg, Germany   October 18, 2003
(5)  Eishalle Liebenau   Graz, Austria   October 26, 2003
(6)  Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt, Germany Nov. 6, 2003

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Crystal Cat   /   CC  727 / 728

9 stars

Other commercial releases:
Brixton Academy 2003
London Tour 2003
Tour of London 2003 Vol. 2

Bob's Boots ref  #



(2)- Joan Osborne on vocals
(a) - acoustic
[Be] -Bob on electric guitar
[Bh] -Bob on harp
[Bp] -Bob on piano
[Fa] -Freddie on acoustic guitar
[Fe] -Freddie on electric guitar
[Fs] -Freddie on slide guitar
[La] -Larry on acoustic guitar
[Lc] -Larry on cittern
[Lp] -Larry on pedal steel
[Ls] -Larry on slide guitar
[Tu]-Tony on acoustic upright bass
[Te] -Tony on electric bass
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Thanks to Hudson Hawk for scans
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