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Clean Cuts
source: Empire Burlesque outtakes

Go 'Way Little Boy  (1)
Driftin' Too Far From Shore (2)
Who Loves You More (2)
New Danville Girl
Something's Burning Baby
Tight Connection To My Heart (3)
Clean Cut Kid (2)
I'll Remember You
Seeing The Real You At Last
Trust Yourself 
Emotionally Yours
Straight A's In Love (2)
When The Night Comes Falling (3)
Waiting To Get Beat (3)
Never Gonna Be The Same Again (3)
The very Thought Of You (2)

A very nice attempt at an early CD boot release of the Empire Burlesque sessions outtakes. The folding insert contains the complete track info that is found listed at right, including the venue and musicians. The cover photo is grainy, and could have been a lot nicer.  Also, the playing sequence is slightly different than what the back cover shows. The actual order is shown above.
* The biggest problem with this release however, is in trying to put too many tracks on it! The tecnology of the day allowed 70 to 72 minutes recording time. This disc is 72:02. However, to achieve that time constraint of the CD, the songs were mastered about 10% too fast. It would have been SO much better to have eliminated one track! The result is not unpleasant, however.... many will never even hear the speed problem. At one time, that technique was a studio trick for official releases to help smooth out the sound. I suggest giving it a listen before you purchase, but I suggest purchase by a completeist only, as there have since been other releases that have not only corrected the speed problem, but have helped reduce the white noise floor level.
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For those with the ability to digitally manipulate the play speed of the tracks, HERE is a time conversion chart  
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Source / Venue:
Empire Burlesque sessions

Manufacturer / Catalog No.

Sick Cat    /   GRAB003

Released:   1992

  7* stars
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The material is from:

Cherokee Studio
     Guitar: Ira Ingber
     Bass: Carl Sealove
     Keyboards: Vince Melamed
     Drums: Don Heffington
     Backing vocals: Madelyn Quebec
Except for:
(1) Power Station, NYC
     Guitar: Ronnie Wood
     Bass: Marvin Ettioni
     Organ: Benmont Tench
     Drums: Don Heffington
(2) Delta Sound Labs
     Guitar: Ronnie Wood
     Bass: John Davis
     Piano/synth: Bob Dylan
     Drums: Anton Fig
     Backing vocals: Carolyn Dennis
(3) Shakedown Sound Studios
     Guitar: Al Kooper
     Guitar: Mick Taylor
     Guitar: Ted Pearlman
     Guitar: Stuart Kimball
     Keyboards: Bob Dylan
     Drums: Sly Dunbar
     Bass: Robbie Shakespear
© 2000 CD Pinkerton /
© 2000 CD Pinkerton /