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Coming From The Heat Of St. Paul source: Stereo Aud.

Disc one
She’s Love Crazy (Tampa Red)
Mr. Tambourine Man
Shelter From The Storm
It’s All Over Now Baby Blue (Bh)
Tangled Up In Blue
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Maggie’s Farm
I Don’t Believe You
Like A Rolling Stone
I Shall Be Released
Coming From The Heart
The Times
It Ain't Me Babe (Bs)
Am I Your Stepchild? (Bh)
Disc two
One More Cup Of Coffee
Blowin’ In The Wind
Girl From The North Country
Where Are You Tonight?
Masters Of War
Just Like A Woman (Bh)
To Ramona
All Along The Watchtower
All I Really Want To Do
It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
Forever Young
Changing Of The Guards
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

Well, it looks like the only thing missing from this bad boy is a consonant. You have to assume that the compiler typed up the info and inadvertently spelled out Heat. The info passed the spell checker, so it was sent off to the designer, and then to the printer with this glaring mistake. "Coming from the Heart of St. Paul" is the obvious intention. This show isn't just the live debut of Coming from the Heart, but the only time that the song was played on the tour! It remains unreleased to this day. The Civic Center is in the 100 block of West Fourth Street... right in the heart of Saint Paul. It was all thought out so well! It's truly a shame that the title was goofed, because they basically got everything else correct. It's the best recording in circulation, and it's an absolutely scorching performance. What a great show! Thinman is using an even thicker paper stock than past issues, which makes for a more durable package. The recording was originally on cassette tape, and there are a few very minor limitations that it reveals. The show started off with an instrumental version of My Back Pages to bring Bob out, but he didn't play on it.  (cond.) © 2008 CD Pinkerton -
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Source / Venue:
Civic Center, St. Paul, MN - October 31, 1978

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Thinman         /       070/71

Released:   Sept. 2008

Quality:   8 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-c51

Thanks to Tiny Montgomery for scans / info
Other releases in this series:
The Dogs Are Barking
(Bh) - Bob on harp
(Bs) - Bob solo on vocal, guitar and harp

Review:  (cont.)
The original taper had to pick and choose pause moments due to the length of the tapes, and did a fantastic job of it. There is over 72 minutes on each disc, with only a few insignificant breaks heard on the recording. Add to that a couple of instances where the mic seems slightly obstructed, and the fact that the recording tends to gravitate to the midrange frequency, and you have an idea of the flaws. This is nit-picking, however!. Overall, it is top rate. The music is very well balanced, the vocals are clear, and all instruments are defined. As for the performance, some don't care for the 78 Vegas-like tour, but I always enjoy seeing Bob go through his various phases. I think that the world of Dylan would be a lot less colorful without the 1978 tour. I might be a bit biased since this is the time of my life when I began switching from a casual Dylan fan into a hardcore one. Bob is very talkative. After all... this is his old stomping grounds where he started to feel the itch after being recorded at the home of Karen Wallace, and then having a live performance at the Purple Onion! He talks about leaving Minnesota and going to the East Coast only to be run out of town at the Newport Folk Festival when he played Maggie's Farm as an intro to that song. Other highlights include a powerful Masters Of War and a splendid Changing Of The Guards. Two thumbs high up on this one! © 2008 CD Pinkerton -
© 2008 CD Pinkerton -