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Final Theme
source: Official Movie Soundtrack

Disc one
Main Title Theme (Billy)
Cantina Theme (Working For The Law)
Billy Surrenders
Escaping On The Run (River Theme)
Billy 2
Cantina Theme Revisited
Billy 3
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Turkey Chase
Billy 5
Final Theme
Working For The Law
Escaping On The Run (River Theme)
Bunkhouse Theme
No More Surrender
Working For The Law (Whorehouse Theme)
Final Theme
Billy 6
Disc two
A CD-ROM that contains:
Movie clips
Dylan discography
Picture Book

Here is an interesting footnote to the bible of Dylan boots. It is a pirate in the strictest sense of the word, yet there is no commercial release that it exactly duplicates. The two disc set contains one disc of music, and one CD-ROM. The music was taken from the soundtrack of the movie, which makes it a different audio experience than that of the released CD. One problem with this project is that the manufacturer has created a couple of fanciful song titles to name some of the instrumental pieces that contain both music and movie sound track. Also, the numbered Billy tracks don't necessarily match to any official version. As for the CD-ROM, being that it was manufactured in 1992, the technology of the day renders it little more than a novelty. It contains movie clips that coincide with the music, etc. There is nothing here that cannot be obtained legitimately in other formats, so seeking out a CDr is pointless. As for this release itself... leave it for the completeists. There were 500 hand numbered copies released. The cover aesthetics are nice, but it would have been much more a desirable item if the discs had been silk-screened.
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Source / Venue:
Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid VHS soundtrack

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Diamonds In Your Ears 66/67


8-10 stars

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Thanks to Christopher Bullock for scans
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