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Folk Rogue 1964 - 1965
source: Two Newport shows et al

It Ain't Me Babe [w/Joan Baez] (1)
All I Really Want To Do (2)
To Ramona (2)
Mr Tambourine Man (2)
Chimes Of Freedom (2)
Don't Think Twice (3)
All I Really Want To Do (4)
Maggie's Farm (5)
Like A Rolling Stone (5)
Phantom Engineer (5)
Intro We Want Bobby (5)
Tombstone Blues (6)
It Ain't Me Babe (6)
It's All Over Now Baby Blue (7)
Mr. Tambourine Man (7)
This CD is one to grab for several reasons. First of all, The Newport shows from Freebody Park are essential both to any serious Dylan collection, as well as to any music historian. This set compares the sublime acoustic folk '64 show to the infamous 'Electric' '65 show that forever changed the face of folk, rock, and folk-rock music. The entire CD is soundboard recordings, and this is the best sounding Newport recordings ever. The filler material is of fascinating historical importance as well. The two missing songs from the newly discovered Hollywood Bowl show. Finally, the aesthetics are nice, the venue information is complete, and the period photos are vibrant.
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Source / Venue:
(1) Newport Folk Festival, RI  July 24, 1964
(2) Newport Folk Festival, RI  July 26, 1964
(3) City Hall, Newcastle, UK  May 6, 1965
(4) Newport, RI  July 24, 1965 [afternoon workshop]
(5) Newport Folk Festival, RI  July 25, 1965 [electric]
(6) Hollywood Bowl  Los Angeles, CA  Sep. 3, 1965
(7) Newport Folk Festival, RI  July 25, 1965 [acoustic] 

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Wild Wolf   /    6965
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From Newport to the Ancient Empty Streets in LA

8½-10 stars

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Thanks to Gil Lamont for scans

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