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Friend To The Martyr
(Outfidels) source: Power Station 1983

Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight
I And I
Clean Cut Kid
Julius And Ethel
Death Is Not The End
Foot Of pride
Sweetheart Like You
I And I
Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart
Union Sundown
Tell Me
Blind Willie McTell
This Was My Love (Jim Harbert)
The great looking front photo from the Street Legal tour gives the set a classy look. A nice looking black & white back photo as well. Though the back says 1982, this material was recorded in 1983. Though the material is taken from the outtake tapes of the Infidels sessions (from whence we get the subtitle), the manufacturer didn't put enough research into the songs. Death Is Not The End had already been released officially, along with Foot Of pride, and Tell Me. There's even a snippet of the official Sweetheart that accidentally starts off the 3rd track. This one is better left to the completeists.
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Source / Venue:
Power Station NY, NY April 11- May 8, 1983

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Silver Rarities /  SIRA 44
8 stars (overall*)
* The first couple of songs start out as 9 stars. Clean Cut drops to 7. Back to 8 for Julius and songs to Union which is a 7. The two that follow are 8's and the Jim Harbert song pops back to 9.
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