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From The Vaults Vol. 2
source: www.bobdylan.com

Disc one
Idiot Wind (1)
I Believe In You (2)
Across The Borderline (2)
Man In The Long Black Coat (3)
Don't Think Twice (4) *
Never Gonna Be The Same Again (3)
Not Fade Away (4) *
Silvio (3)
To Be Alone With You (4) *
Little Moses (5)
The Times We've Known (6)
Disc two
Shake Sugaree (7)
Watching The River Flow (8)
Make You Feel My Love (9)
Love Sick (10)
Blowin' In The Wind (3)
The Roving Blade (11)
Visions Of Johanna (12) *
I And I (13)
Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie (14)
Friend Of The Devil (15) *
Tears Of Rage (4) *
Follow up to 'Vol.1', released a year earlier by the same Label. Quality is just about 'official' standard. All tracks appear to be stereo soundboard recordings except disc 1 - tracks 2, 3, & 11 which are clearly audience tape. 
The package says "Officially recorded" ... but it would take a team of music attorneys to decide on the legalities of this set. The Bob Dylan website periodically makes available live tracks for free downloading. (Presumably with the blessings of Bob and/or Sony). Dandelion has compiled 22 of those tracks on this 2 CD set. The bulk of the material is live in 1998 & '99, but there are a couple of great sounding tunes from the Orpheum, 1992 as well. The quality is pristine. A little earlier this same year, Dandelion had released six * of these same songs on "Lonely Graveyard", but that release contains audience recordings. This is the soundboard tape. The package is gorgeous, contains all pertinent info, and an 8 page booklet with more info and photos. This truly makes one wonder why Sony doesn't start a division to do small run collectible packages such as this. 
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Source / Venue:
Live tracks 1992-1998 from www.bobdylan.com

(1)  Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN8/30/92
(2)  Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY11/03/98
(3)  Ice Palace, Tampa, FL 1/30/99
(4)  RPI Field house, Troy, NY 2/22/99
(5)  Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN 9/2/92
(6)  Madison Square Garden, NYC 11/01/98
(7)  The Roxy, Atlanta GA, 12/01/97
(8)  Leon Civic Center, Tallahassee, FL 2/01/99
(9)  UNO Arena, New Orleans, LA 2/03/99
(10)Municiple Auditorium, Nashville, TN 2/06/99
(11)Belfast, Northern Ireland 6/19/98
(12)Cumberland Center, Portland, ME 2/25/99 
(13)Dijon, France 7/01/98
(14)Hamburg, Germany 6/12/98
(15) Binghampton, NY 2/19/99

Thanks to Mike McGarr for scans and info

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Dandelion   /  DL 131/32


8-9 stars

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