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Genuine Live 1966
source: World Tour 1966

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This incredible 8 CD box set from Scorpio is the ultimate documentation of the 1966 world tour. The sound quality is as good as the best known recordings. The package itself warrants owning this visual stunner. Always at the top of the game, Scorpio adds this crown jewel into their already impressive catalog. The covers are  all rare period photos and images that have to be seen to be believed. Each of the 8 discs slips into a cardboard sleeve not unlike a vinyl LP jacket. The jacket then slips into a gatefold cardboard cover. The covers bear a logo altered from the old CBS 'eye' logo. Each of the five covers are presented as a set, with individual names, photos and graphics. The individual CDs can be seen by clicking on the name of each one at right. The entire set comes housed in a fabulous looking cardboard box with a great photo cover and a gold foil sticker. The CDs are gold, each with a different color ink that touts 'Robert and the Hawks', along with the tracks. As well as a lone wolf logo, Scorpio has borrowed another logo for the CD design ... a 'Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab' type logo emblazoned on the left side of each disc lends a touch of class. All of this over the top excess would make any collector drool, ...but it doesn't stop there. Scorpio has also included two full color tour booklets, 3 vintage looking black and white postcards. And a jaw dropping fold out 9½" x 14½" poster. You can see it full size by clicking the thumbnail at right. This extravagant set will be one of the highlights of any size collection. 2001 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
Thanks to Stephen Olsen for all scans

I've just got hold of a copy of Scorpio's Genuine 1966 box set, and it's everything and more that you describe... however... in my set, some of the discs have been wrongly labeled. Phoenix in April and Nightly Ritual are correct, but Children's Crusade is actually Albert Hall (disc 7), Albert Hall disc 7 is While the Establishment Burns, While the Establishment Burns is Albert Hall disc 8, and to complete the circuit, Albert Hall disc 8 is Children's Crusade. This is all very irritating, but in the end its the performances that matter, and they are just 
breath taking. Many thanks for your really indispensable web site, 
Nick Parkin
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Also included in the set:
Australian Tour booklet
UK Tour booklet
Postcard 1 Postcard 2
Postcard 3
This is the poster included in the box set. Click it to see the actual size image. (110 kb)
1966 world tour. (See individual CDs)

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Scorpio  /  GBS 66-1 to GBS 66-8 or(10)
Released:  2000
Quality:   8 stars
Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-g13

This 8  CD BOX contains a total of five individual releases only available in this set. They include:
A Phoenix In April
The Children's Crusade
While The Establishment Burns
A Nightly Ritual
The Genuine Royal Albert Hall Concerts
All concerts are 1966
"A Phoenix in April" - Sydney, Australia
"The Children's Crusade" - Melbourne & Adelaide
"While The..." -  Dublin, Copenhagen, & Edinburgh
"Ritual"- Liverpool, Glasgow, Sheffield, & Birmingham
"The Genuine RAH Concerts" Manchester & London
In addition, some sets included two bonus discs of the Bristol show entitled Away From The Past
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