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Genuine Live 1966
The Children's Crusade
source: Melbourne, Australia  1966

She Belongs To Me 
Fourth Time Around
Visions Of Johanna (Mother Revisited)
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Desolation Row
Just Like A Woman
Tell Me Momma
Baby Let Me Follow You Down
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
*Adelaide radio interview (10 minutes)

As with most performances of this tour, Dylan sings the first 6 songs solo with the acoustic guitar. For this show he uses a borrowed guitar, as his had been broken. When compared to the Sydney show, this performance is more laid back. This recording has a higher analogue tape white noise floor level, but the windscreen is effective at this show, and there are few mic pops. She Belongs To Me cuts in after the song has begun The band kicks in for electrified versions of the final 3. The overall sound on this recording is quite good. All members of what would be The Band are now in place, except for Levon Helm. On this show, Mickey Jones plays drums. Dylan introduces Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues with a fanciful story about a Mexican Painter, and two girls begin screaming wildly at the prospect of their idol singing their favorite song. Half of the show was broadcast on channel 9 TV South Australia in January 1967, and has been available ever since as a mono recording. The tape here is purported to be a stereo soundboard recording, but it is re-channeled or 'created' stereo. Keep in mind that even the soundboard tapes of the European tour that followed were only 3 tracks. There were two machines in use, but this was not for extra tracks or for a stereo effect. Technology of the day dictated two machines starting a different times to prevent music loss in the event of tape run out. The Aussie shows were mono line feed recorded from the film crew. Mr. Tambourine Man was performed as well, but only a fragment was recorded. Without it, the show clocks in at 57 minutes. Ten minutes of the Adelaide press conference were added to round it out. The original CD release of this show was 1988's 'Bob Dylan's Dream Vol.1'. It was merely recorded from vinyl, however, and the electric portion suffered the fate of being a weak mono TV broadcast tape. The cover illustration is from a 1966 edition of The New Yorker that included a Dylan article of the same title written by Ralph Gleason.
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Sleeve Front
Sleeve Back
Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia  April 20, 1966
*Adelaide, Australia interview April 22, 1966

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Scorpio  /  GBS 66-3
Released:  2000
Other commercial releases of Melbourne:
Bob Dylan's Dream
Oh, You Know Tom Thumb
Shifts And Changes

Quality:  7 stars
(Overall - acoustic slightly better / electric slightly worse)

Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-g13B

This 8  CD BOX contains a total of five individual releases only available in this set. They include:
A Phoenix In April
The Children's Crusade
While The Establishment Burns
A Nightly Ritual
The Genuine Royal Albert Hall Concerts
All concerts are 1966 
"A Phoenix in April" - Sydney, Australia
"The Children's Crusade" - Melbourne & Adelaide
"While The..." -  Dublin, Copenhagen, & Edinburgh
"Ritual"- Liverpool, Glasgow, Sheffield, & Birmingham
"The Genuine RAH Concerts" Manchester & LondonIn 
In addition, some sets included two bonus discs of the Bristol show entitled Away From The Past
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