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Getting Harder and Harder to See a New Sunrise
source: 1990 USA Midwest USA tour

Disc one
To Be Alone With You (1)
Shelter From The Storm (1)
My Back Pages (2)
I Believe In You (2)
Love Minus Zero (2)
It's All Over Now Baby Blue (2)
Under The Red Sky (2)
TV Talking Song (3)
Shooting Star (3)
All Along The Watchtower (3)
Knocking On Heaven's Door (3)
Like A Rolling Stone (3)
Song To Woody (3)
To Ramona (4)
One Too Many Mornings (4)
Tight Connection To My Heart (5)
Dark As A Dungeon (Merle Travis) (5)
Disc two
Silvio (6)
She Belongs To Me (7)
Visions Of Johanna (7)
My Head's In Mississippi (ZZ Top) (7)
Buckets Of Rain (8)
Every Grain Of Sand (9)
Oxford Town (10)
One Too Many Mornings (10)
John Brown (10)
Absolutely Sweet Marie (12)
Moon River (Mancini)(13)
Friend Of The Devil (Hunter/Garcia)(13)
I've Been All Around This World (Trad.)(14)
Detroit City (Dill / Tillis)(15)
Shelter From The Storm (16)
Dock Of The Bay (Redding)(16)
Man Of Constant Sorrow (Trad.)(16)
Willing (Lowell George)(17)
Lakes Of Pontchartrain (18)
Very Good audience recordings of various rarities from the fall 1990 Midwest USA tour. For those interested in an overview of this period, this is a good way to get it. The package sure could have used a little effort. It lists the songs and venues several times, but nothing else. The front cover image is weak, and there is no Dylan photos or images in the set. Feel free to acquire this one on CD-r, as there is little reason to own the silver disc, save for the completeist.
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sources: Live in various locations 1990
(1)  Braden Stadium, Normal, IL  November 14
(2)  S. Illinois U., Carbondale, IL  November 3
(3)  Fox Theater, Chicago, IL  November 9
(4 Dayton OH,  November 1990
(5)  Beacon Theater, NY  October 19
(6)  Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO  November 4
(7 Chick Evans Field House, DeKalb, IL  November 6
(8)  Fox Theater, Detroit, MI  November 18
(9)  Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI  November 10
(10) University of Mississippi, Oxford  October 25
(11) Carver Hawkeye Arena, Iowa City, IA  11/08
(12) Palace Theater, Columbus, OH  November 16
(13) Holiday Star Music Theater, Merrillville, IL 8/27
(14) Appalachian State University, Boone, NC  10/30
(15) Wharton Center, East Lansing, MI  November 12
(16) Champs Theater,  George, WA  August 18
(17) Beacon Theater, NY, October 17
(18) Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR August 21

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Red Sky    /    1007/1008 
Thanks to colmx for scans
Thanks to Jon Collinsey for the list of venues
Quality:  7 stars
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