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Give The Anarchist A Cigarette source: Oct. - Dec. 1965

she belongs to me 
it's all over now baby blue 
mr tambourine man 
tombstone blues 
baby let me follow you down 
Maggie's farm 
it ain't me babe 
positively 4th street 
like a rolling stone 
tombstone blues 
I don't believe you 
baby let me follow you down 
ballad of a thin man 
just like tom thumbs blues 
long distance operator 
it ain't me babe 

Audience recording. Typical for a tape machine in 1965. Historic, nonetheless. I don't care for the name, but the aesthetics are nice, and photos are great. Unfortunately, there is an mistake as to venue on the back cover. Tracks 10-13 are listed as coming from The Back Bay Theater, Boston, MA Oct. 29, 1965. This is incorrect. The actual venue is The Crown, Chicago, IL, Nov. 26, 1965. This is born out from the comments of the individual who made the recording. This is particularly frustrating, since there have never been Boston 1965 recordings in circulation.
Thanks to Robert Nemecek for info

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Bushnell Memorial Auditorium
Hartford Connecticut, Oct. 30, 1965 (Tracks 1-9)

The Crown, Chicago, IL, Nov. 26, 1965 (Tracks 10-13)
Berkeley Community Theater, Dec. 4, 1965 (Tracks 14-16)

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Wild Wolf  / WW1101 (WW65 on the spine)
July 2002
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Quality:  4-6 stars

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