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Gleason Home Tape
source: East Orange et al

East Orange Tape:
San Francisco Bay Blues (Jesse Fuller)
Jesus Met The Woman At The Well (Trad)
Gypsy Davey (Trad-Guthrie arr)
Pastures Of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)
Trail Of The Buffalo (Trad-Guthrie arr)
Jesse James (Trad)
Car Car (Woody Guthrie)
Southern Cannonball (Jimmie Rodgers)
Bring Me Back My Blue-Eyed Boy (Trad)
Remember Me (Scott Wiseman)
Minnesota Party Tape:
Railroad Boy (Trad)
James Alley Blues (Dick Brown)
Why'd You Cut My Hair? (Trad)
Minnesota Hotel Tape:
See My Grave's Kept Clean (Lemon Jefferson)
Ramblin' Round (Woody Guthrie)
Black Cross (Lord Buckley arr. of Joseph S. Newman)
Cynthia Gooding Tape:
Ballad Of Donald White
Wichita (Going To Louisiana) (Trad)
Acne (Eric von Schmidt)
Rocks And Gravel (Brownie McGhee)
Long Time Man Feel Bad (Trad A Lomax arr)
Ranger's Command (Woody Guthrie)
Not the best quality on this title, however, there is most likely no better quality to exist considering the time frame and amateur 1950's equipment. These great historical tapes are interesting in as far as they show the enormous growth spurt in only a year when a kid with a guitar transforms into a folk singer. On a personal note, as bad as it might be, I still get goose bumps when I listen to the East Orange tapes. It was in another lifetime that this was the first bootleg tape I ever owned. : )
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Sources / Venue
East Orange, NJ  (Gleason Tape) Feb-March 1961
Minnesota Party Tape II (Beecher Tape) - May 1961
Minnesota Hotel Tape (Glover Tape) Dec. 22, 1961
Cynthia Gooding NY apt. tape Feb/March 1962

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Reference Recording   / BDY-001 (CD-r) 


5-6 stars

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