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Genuine Supper Club Soundboards 11/16 2nd
source: 1993 Late show

Ragged And Dirty (trad. arr. by Dylan)
Lay Lady Lay
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (h)
Queen Jane Approximately
Jack-A-Roe (trad. arr. by Dylan)
One Too Many Mornings (h)
I Want You (h)
Ring Them Bells
My Back Pages
Forever Young
Ragged And Dirty (trad. arr. by Dylan)
One More Cup Of Coffee
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

For an overall review see disc 1
The earlier show contained an abbreviated intro of only "Good evening ladies and gentlemen". The band then kicked off before more could be said. In this second show of the day, we get to hear the now legendary "Please Welcome...." The first live performance of Ragged And Dirty kicks off, and from the get go this show doesn't seem to be quite as clean a recording as the earlier show. It continues to sound this way throughout the show. The difference is very slight, and some might not even notice it. I think it has more do do with the audience being a bit louder than with anything else, but the mix is ever so slightly different as well from the first show. It's something that's hard to put your finger on. Jack-A-Roe also sees it's debut performance, but neither song works particularly well. Bob's voice is strong, but perhaps not quite as strong as earlier in the day. This version of I'll Be Your Baby Tonight is good mainly because I never really liked the arrangement of the original. This version has a rock-a-billy bounce reminiscent of Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Queen Jane is majestic and well received. As for another mis-fire, One Too Many Mornings suffers a great injustice from Jackson's rolling banjo throughout the entire song. A portion of the song was officially released on the Highway 61 Interactive disc in  1995.  (Cond.) 
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Second Show
Supper Club, New York, NY November 16, 1993
Supper Club, New York, NY November 17, 1993 1st show

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Scorpio         /    SC-BD-93-2

Released:    2007
Quality:    10 stars
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Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-g45

(h) - Bob on harp

Special Thanks to Lincoln Park Mark
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Review: (cont.)
While a full show soundboard recording from the early 17th performance would not appear for another year, we get a three song taste of it here. This second performance of Ragged And Dirty has been slowed by several beats per minute. It's enough to make a difference, and the song works this time. One More Cup Of Coffee is nice to hear, but Bob smooths the vocals out so much that it looses a little of the punch and anger in the song. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight is slightly faster than the previous night. It works well, but there is some technical difficulty in the recording caused by a faulty patch chord. This could possibly be the reason that there are only three sound board songs from the show circulating. Perhaps the other songs from the show suffer from the same problem.

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