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Genuine Supper Club Soundboards 11/17 1st
source: 1993 Early show

Ragged And Dirty (trad. arr. by Dylan)
One More Cup Of Coffee
Blood In My Eyes (trad. arr. by Dylan)
Queen Jane Approximately
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Disease Of Conceit (h)
I Want You (h)
Ring Them Bells
My Back Pages
Forever Young
Finally, the last remaining soundboard recording from the Supper Club shows has surfaced. This release by Scorpio has much the same look as the original three releases of the previous year. It fits in nicely to complete the series. The sound quality of this show is great, although, compared side by side to the other three recordings, it's not quite as crisp and clear. It's doubtful that a better tape will surface, but even at that, the sonic improvement would be minimal, so feel free to grab this one to complete the set. The show kicks off with Ragged And Dirty. It has a great feel and sets the mood. Bob opened three of the four shows with this number, and this one is perhaps the best. The only unique song here that doesn't appear at the other shows is One More Cup Of Coffee. Unfortunately, this is an elevator muzak version that doesn't excite a whole lot. So, now the venue is complete. Kudos to the scorpion for the effort.
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Second Show
Supper Club, New York, NY November 17, 1993

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Scorpio         /    SC-BD-93-4

Released:  July 2008
Quality:    9 stars
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9 stars 
Bob's Boots ref  #  

(h) - Bob on harp

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