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(1) Playboys And Playgirls (w/Pete Seeger)
(2) House Of The Rising Sun
(3) Boogie Woogie Country Girl
(4) Pretty Boy Floyd
(5) Ballad Of Hollis Brown (w/Pete Seeger)
(6) Heartland (w/Willie Nelson)
(7) Sign Language (w/Eric Clapton)
(8) The Usual
(9) Night After Night
(10) Hard Rain
(11) Song To Woody
(12) Nobody's Child
(13) Band Of The Hand
(14) Caribbean Wind
(15) This Old Man
(16) People Get Ready
(17) You Belong To Me
(18) Rita May
(19) Baby Let Me Follow You Down 
(20) George Jackson (acoustic)
(21) Shallow Throat (D.A. Coe) - Not Dylan

Fantastic material. Nice to have it all in one place. BUT... it is still  Pirate  material.... not bootleg. Bob's Boots does not condone pirated material. The only concession we will allow... If you already own EVERY official Label piece represented here, or find the items out of print and want to pick this up for convenient listening,...feel free. It's a nice compilation.
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Ins (b)
(1) Newport Broadside, July 28, 1963
(2) Highway 61 Interactive
(3) 'Til The Night Is Done (Doc Pomus Tribute)
(4) A Vision Shared (Guthrie/Leadbelly Tribute)
(5) Third Annual Farewell Reunion, Mike Seeger
(6) Heartland, Willie Nelson
(7) No Reason No Cry, Eric Clapton
(8) Hearts Of Fire soundtrack album
(10) Great Music Experience, Nara, Japan  5/22/94 
(11) Bobfest, New York, NY  October 16, 1992
(12) Traveling Wilburys single
(13) Band Of The Hand soundtrack album
(14) Shot Of Love sessions
(15) For Our Children
(16) Flashback soundtrack album
(17) Natural Born Killers soundtrack album
(18) Masterpieces
(19) The Last Waltz
(20) single
(21) X rated David Allen Coe added as a joke

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Effective Mining  / 4-345388 (UPC number)
Released:   1995
Quality:   10 stars
Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-h15

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