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Highway Of Diamonds vol 4
source: various soundboard songs

Disc one
All I Really Want to Do (1)
Heart Of Mine (1)
Bob Dylan's 115th Dream (2)
With God On Our Side (2)
Visions Of Johanna (3)
Idiot Wind (4)
Tight Connection to My Heart (5)
Series Of Dreams (6)
Man in The Long Black Coat (7)
Tough Mama (8)
Till I Fell in Love With You (9)
The Man in Me (10)
This is a compilation of mostly live, various quality soundboard recordings of Dylan songs that span the decade of 1987-1998. It is a companion disc to Vol.3, which contains cover material of the same periods. The recordings are from bobdylan.com. The disc starts off a little slow with the lower quality 1987 rehearsal material. The mix is fairly good, but far from right. Things pick up from there, however. The audiences are virtually non existent, and Bob is heard in near perfect soundboard quality. Some highlights are the harp solo in Idiot Wind, getting to hear Series Of Dreams live, and Bob's cool delivery of Man In The Long Black Coat Unfortunately, the sound quality of  (6), (7), &(8) is not quite as good as the others. Also, while Vol.3 has a theme running thorough it, there is no common thread here. While these are some good recordings, there have been nearly as good audience recordings that capture entire shows. It all causes this disc to seem a bit more contrived, and little less desirable.
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(1) November 1987 rehearsals
(2) Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY Oct. 19, 1988
(3) Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN Sept. 3, 1992
(4) Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN Aug. 30, 1992
(5) Supper Club, NY, NY Nov. 27, 1993 (late show)
(6) Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA August 8, 1993
(7) Art Park, Lewiston, NY August 16, 1994
(8) Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA August 23, 1997
(9)  El Rey Theater,  December 16, 1997
(10)The Theater Madison Square NY, NY Jan. 20, 1998

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Westwood One WWL-036

Released:   1997

Thanks to our friends from down under....
Claudia and Christian Verkroost for scans and review disc
7-8 stars

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