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His Gotham Ingress
source: Various 1961 venues

Oscar Brand:  

Sally Gal
The Girl I Left Behind 
Carnegie Chapter Hall:
Pretty Peggy-O
In The Pines
Gospel Plow
1913 Massacre
Backwater Blues
Young But Daily Growin'
Fixin' To Die
Air Chatter
Bonnie Beecher Tape:
Candy Man
Baby Please Don't Go
Hard Times In New York
Po' Lazarus
I Ain't Got No Home
It's Hard To Be Blind
Dink's Song
Man Of Constant Sorrow
East Orange NJ

The title of this CD release is taken from the sub-title of an old vinyl release. It's explained on the entry for the vinyl album Are You Now...? The title is probably even more apt for this collection of familiar tapes than for that one, since the Carnegie Chapter Hall show - with its early appearance of the Nashville Skyline voice, on Young But Daily Growin' - predates Carnegie Hall by almost 2 years and is often referred to as Dylan's first notable concert. Also here are extracts from an Oscar Brand radio show on which he promoted it - telling what was probably a string of colorful lies to entertain Brand, and singing a couple of songs. Also included are 10 songs from the "Minnesota Hotel Tape," recorded just a few weeks later.   
The last number on the Beecher portion is not a song, but that stupid story about the chess club. And there isn't a newly surfaced song called Air Chatter: just 30 seconds of Dylan tuning up and preparing to "play something new" which isn't on the tape. There are some problems with the Chapter Hall show: distortion and phasing, and times when Dylan seems to have walked away from the microphone while he's talking (and talking and talking...) But most of the actual performances can be heard well.

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Oscar Brand Festival, radio station
WNYC,  New York, NY   Oct 29, 1961
Carnegie Chapter Hall  Nov 04, 1961
Bonnie Beecher's apartment  Dec 22, 1961

Manufacturer / Catalog No.

TMOQ (Japan) /  TMOQ-710033

2003 ?  (No date listed)
 Brand 10 stars,
Carnegie 6 stars
Beecher 8 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #

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Another lovely package from TMOQ Japan, in a similar style to A Leaf To A Tree . All the relevant information is on the front, so there's space on the back this time for a metallic TMOQ sticker. Two minor problems that don't affect quality ratings: the disc is generic with no identification of this title; and my copy plays fine in my hi-fi or computer but doesn't work in my other players.
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Thanks to Colm X for scans & Review
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