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source: Various locales April-July 1996

Shake Sugaree (Elizabeth Cotten) lyrics
This Wheel's On Fire
Friend Of The Devil(a)(Garcia / Hunter)lyrics
Seven Days
Visions Of Johanna (acoustic)
Disease Of Conceit
Hattie Carroll (acoustic)
Minglewood Blues (Lewis / trad.) lyrics
Pretty Peggy-O (acoustic) lyrics
Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)
Like A Rolling Stone (w/The Rolling Stones)

This is most definitely a worthwhile issue. It's not necessarily representative of the 1996 tour, but it's not meant to be. It's simply a compilation of some of the rarer songs performed along the way. For what it is, it excels. One of the better compilations ever released. It includes some beautiful versions of Dylan classics, a couple of the all time rarities, and some brilliant cover versions that should be in your collection. The bonus track doesn't belong on a disc of this quality. It's a very poor audience recording, and not a great performance. It is only included because of it's unique, historical importance. What a thrill for the audience that witnessed it... but too bad that it's of such poor quality. To add to the prestige of these recordings, they have been pressed onto a gold disc for this release. The sound quality on most songs is excellent. Because of the different sources, the sound level changes constantly. This could have been corrected in the mastering stage. However, other than the level, and some minor sonic differences, each song rates very high. The music is always warm and full, and the vocals are way out front on top of the mix. The title comes from a line in Dylan's debut performance of Shake Sugaree. The cover and artwork are nice. However, this title deserved to be released in a cover that was better than "nice". Most highly recommended.
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Shake Sugaree Berlin 6/17/96
This Wheel's On Fire Madison, WI 4/13/96
Friend Of The Devil Lewisburg 5/3/96
Seven Days Frankfurt, Germany 6/19/96
Visions Of Johanna Differdange, Luxembourg 6/24/96
Disease Of Conceit Buffalo, NY 5/11/96
Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll Orlando, FL 4/23/96
New New Minglewood Blues Differdange,  6/24/96
Pretty Peggy-O Mannheim, Germany 7/2/96
Blowin' In The Wind Cottbus, Germany 7/14/96
Like A Rolling Stone Montpelier, France 7/27/95
(Guest appearance on The Stone's Voodoo Lounge tour)

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"This has probably the finest versions of Visions of Johanna & Hattie Carroll I've ever heard. A perfect compilation."

Keith Ravenscroft

8-9 stars

3 stars (bonus track)

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Thanks to Mike McGarr for scans

Thanks to Bob Goerens for scans

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