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Idiot Wind In 48th Street
source: Acetate Recordings

Sept. 16 1974
Simple Twist Of Fate
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome
Shelter From The Storm
Buckets Of Rain
If You See Her Say Hello
Lily, Rosemary and the Jack Of Hearts
Call Letter Blues
Idiot Wind
Tangled Up In Blue
Sept. 17 1974
You're A Big Girl Now
Shelter From The Storm
Sept. 19 1974
If You See Her Say Hello
Up To Me
Idiot Wind

The sound quality is perfect throughout, despite slight crackles on tracks taken from acetate or test pressings. Nice digipack looks better than the scans. The background of the front and the inside are actually the same blue color as the back. It doesn't translate well to a digital scanner. Obviously this is partly a pirate and, as usual with these releases, the cover is based on the official BOTT release.
I realize that this is not a popular view in Dylan circles, but for my money the best version of every BOTT song is on the official release. If nothing else, Tangled Up In Blue  and Idiot Wind benefited from another revision of the lyrics. That said... these outtakes are still wonderful, but of course, most of them have now surfaced on official releases. I could cheerfully listen to all four well known versions of Idiot Wind a million times each! These two, plus the Minneapolis recording from the official album; and the Hard Rain version. Even the daft organ "wind" effect in the chorus of the Sept. 16 version can't spoil it. The differences are at once minute and colossal. TUIB would continue to be rewritten for years, so there's no definitive version of the lyrics as far as anyone except Bob Dylan can know; but this one's lyrically the clumsiest, and musically the least brilliant!
Long story short: great album, but can't be recommended because it's mostly pirate material. As has been said elsewhere on BB, you can make your own New York version of BOTT using officially released tracks. The dates listed are only according to the cover. While they are certainly within a few days of being correct, they are not in full agreement with all chroniclers, including Krogsgaard.
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Acetate Recordings from original New York sessions

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Wanted Man Music - WMM 434

0000 (unknown)

10 stars

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