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Jack The Cowboy Went Up North   source: June 1998, UK

Disc one
Gotta Serve Somebody
If Not For You
Cold Irons Bound
Simple Twist Of Fate
To Ramona (a)
Masters Of War (a)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit (a)
Tangled Up In Blue (a)
Forever Young (a)
Hard Rain (a)
Highway 61 Revisited
Disc two
Love Sick
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
If You See Her, Say Hello
Just Like A Woman
Mr. Tambourine Man (a)
Mama, You Been On My Mind (a)
The Times (a/h)
Blowin' In The Wind (a)
This is a superb sounding stereo audience recording. There are no surprises, as it's a fairly standard lineup for this tour. It is, however, a very solid performance, and well representative of the European tour. The package and overall aesthetics are fair at best. Everything is sepia tone. A couple of images that could be perceived as "Bob the cowboy" were used. The back cover is a fairly well done photo and insert of Tyne Bridge at Newcastle. The information is clear and concise. All in all, it's a commendable effort on the part of this upstart Label. This isn't a must have set by any means, but it is one of the better recordings of the tour.
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Newcastle Arena, Newcastle, England, June 20, 1998
Sheffield Arena Sheffield, England; June 23, 1998

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Shadow Blaster /      SB 01/02

Other Commercial releases of Newcastle:
Six Days In June Vol. 1

Quality:    9 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #    BB-j01

(a)  -  acoustic
(a/h)  -  acoustic with Bob playing harp

Thanks to Bob Lloyd for scans

In the song Tough Mama, Bob sings about Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Dave Van Ronk in a verse that's quoted on the tray liner of this package. Tough Mama was a rare song for this tour, only appearing a couple of times. Bob had performed it in Hamburg, Germany the previous week. So, while it would have been a great title for the Hamburg show, the meaning is lost to those not up on their geography. The manufacturer is delineating the verse to Bob himself, as Dylan performs at Newcastle upon Tyne... the northernmost city in England. Coincidentally, (or perhaps not... when it comes to Bob) Hamburg is in the North of Germany.
© 2006 CD Pinkerton bobsboots.com
© 2006 CD Pinkerton bobsboots.com