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John Birch Society Blues
source: Various early '60s

Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues (1)
Corrina Corrina (2)
East Laredo (3)
In The Evening (4)
I'll Keep It With Mine (5)
Ramblin Gamblin' Willie (1)
Mixed-Up Confusion (2)
Who Killed Davey Moore? (6)
Long John (4)
Percy's Song (3)
Here's one better left to the completeist. Though the cover is striking, the photo is two decades older than the recorded material (and quite unrelated). The track list is a hodge-podge of non sequential early '60s outtakes and demos. The material was originally released on a 1970 vinyl boot LP of the same name. There was a plethora of boot LPs released with this same title and material in the decades to follow. This CD is a Spanish release, and not from the United States (E.U.) as the package indicates. In 1981, a Spanish Label called Zorange rearranged the track order of the famous bootleg, and released it as a quasi-legitimate album under Spanish copyright law. This CD is a copy of that LP, however, two tracks have been inexplicably deleted. This renders the overall play time at barely over a half hour. Completeists might want to pick it up at a budget import price, but never, ever pay standard boot CD price, nor waste the time to transfer it for CD-r trade.
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(1) Freewheelin' Bob Dylan original LP deletion
(2) 45 rpm single (released December 14, 1962)
(3) CBS Studio A, NY, NY  October 23, 1963
(4) Minnesota Hotel Tape December 22, 1961
(5) CBS Studio A, NY, NY January 13, 1965
(6) Carnegie Hall, NY, NY  October 26, 1963 

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Exit                / CDX 2504-S 
7 stars (overall)
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Thanks to Joan Muntanyola for scans

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