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Live 2007 Berlin
source: Audience recording

Disc one
Absolutely Sweet Marie
[Be / Dv / Sa]
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
[Be / Sa]
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
It's Alright, Ma [Be / Dv / Sa]
The Levee's Gonna Break
[Bp / Dm]
Desolation Row
[Bh / Dv / Sa]
Honest With Me
When The Deal Goes Down [Bp / Sa / Tu]
Rollin' And Tumblin'
[Bp/ Dm / Sa]
My Back Pages [Bh / Sa]
Disc two
Spirit On The Water [Bh / Sa]
Tangled Up In Blue
[Bh / Sa]
Nettie Moore
[Bp / Dv / Sa]
Summer Days
[Bp / Tu]
Blowin' In The Wind
[Bp / Dv / Sa]
Thunder On The Mountain
[Bp / Sa]
All Along The Watchtower
[Bp / Sa]
London Calling [1]
Like A Rolling Stone
Boots Of Spanish Leather
Cold Irons Bound
Mr. Tambourine Man

This German Label has been around for decades, but for many years now, they've released no Dylan titles. At one time he was their more prominent artist, but they've now been releasing mainly German shows of various artists and genres. This is a sharp looking triptych with bold fonts and nice photos. The silk screened CDs are identical to the cover, and to each other (except for the disc number). The outside and inside digipak are shown smaller than actual size from the links above. Full size images have been provided to accommodate jewel cases.
At one time, Swingin Pig was at the top of the heap as far as quality packages and sound goes. No longer the case, this recording presents Dylan's vocals way out front to the detriment of the band that sounds a bit muted and muffled in the background. Perhaps it's the large venue, as this is Dylan's first appearance there. There are several highlights, but also a few that don't work so well... relegating this to only an average show. As for the bonus material, the Pig sticks on highlights from a 2005 show, evidently only because they have it lying around.  A couple of neat songs, but there were much rarer highlights from this show. Being in London, Dylan pays tribute to the late Joe Strummer during encore by playing one verse of the Clash's title track.
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Max Schmeling Halle Berlin, Germany May 3, 2007
Brixton Academy, London, England November 21, 2005

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Swingin' Pig  /  TSP-CD  7801/7802




8 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #


Thanks to Terry Farrington for scans and info

Band Members

Bob Dylan - electric guitar, keyboard, harp
Tony Garnier - bass, band leader
Denny Freeman - lead guitar
Stu Kimball - lead / rhythm guitar
Donnie Herron - banjo, mandolin, violin, pedal & lap steel
George Recile - drums
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[Be] -Bob on electric guitar
[Bh] -Bob on harp and electric piano
[Bp] -Bob on electric piano
[Sa] -Stu on acoustic guitar
[Dv] -Donnie on violin
[Dm] -Donnie on electric mandolin
[Tu]-Tony on acoustic upright bass


[1] This song is incomplete at just under  a minute and a half. It only includes the first verse.
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