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Live Adventures
source: Westwood One Concert Series
Positively 4th Street
All Along the Watchtower **
Masters of War
I'll Remember You
I Forgot More than You'll Ever Know (Null)
Bye Bye Johnny*** (Berry) [Tom Petty]
Breakdown (Petty)*** [Tom Petty]
Just Like a Woman
Blowin' in the Wind
That Lucky Old Sun (Smith/Gillespie)
So You Want to Be a Rock'n'Roll Star (McGuinn/Hillman) [Tom Petty]
Spike*** (Petty) [Tom Petty]
Like a Rolling Stone
Knockin' on Heaven's Door *
This release is one of many that are based on the Westwood One Radio broadcast LPs. Compared to True Confessions For Carol and Lonesome Town, this one sounds much tighter, more even, dynamic and powerful. Perfect Beat, through their Sounds Alive Label, has done a perfect job in faithfully transferring the material into digital medium. The Westwood One Superstar Concert Series - Bob Dylan/Tom Petty; Show SS86-21 LP was pressed in 1986, and released for broadcast the weekend of August 30, 1986. See the Cue Sheet courtesy of Searching For A Gem. It was re-issued in 1987 by WWOne, as catalog number SS87-F followed the same year by the German LP edition NMP100, which was, more than likely, the source of this German CD edition. While this is a clean, professional looking package, there are no Dylan images (or much else of interest) as far as the aesthetics are concerned.
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Entertainment Centre Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, February 24, 1986
*Entertainment Centre Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, February 25, 1986
** Tacoma, WA, July 31, 1986
*** Venue and Date unclear; possibly Feb. 24/25, except "Spike" which was played only in June 1986 (True Confessions US Tour) [acc. to Bjorner]

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Sounds Alive   /    SA 24.019

1994 Germany

10 stars

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Thanks to Chris Hirte for scans and info
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