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Live in New York 1964
source: Philharmonic Hall, Oct. 31 

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Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues
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Who Killed Davey Moore?
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Talking World War III Blues

Despite all of its' flaws, this is a nice CD to own. The appeal stems mainly from the fact that, along with Bulldog's 'Live Dylan', this was the first bootleg CD. It was recorded from the 1985 vinyl LP 'All Hallows Eve & More'. One could never imagine that with a listen to this great CD, however. It has been filtered to remove the vinyl noise, and EQ'd to boost the lower mid range frequencies. This is the bulk of the Halloween show. The remainder of the show appears on the disc 'Live In Newport 1965'. There have since been several more desirable releases of this 'must-have' show, but from a historical viewpoint, this is a nice collectible. It came factory sealed with an 'SIAE' sticker.
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Philharmonic Hall, NYC  October 31, 1964

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Document       /      DR 001  CD

8 stars

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Bob's Boots ref  #    BB-L42

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