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Last Supper Serenade
source: Toronto, ON. April 20, 1980 

Disc one
Gotta Serve Somebody
Covenant Woman*
When You Gonna Wake Up
I Believe in You
When He Returns (Dylan on piano)
Ain't Gonna Go To Hell
Cover Down Break Through
Man Gave Names to All the Animals
Precious Angel (intro cut)
Slow Train Coming
Disc two
Do Right to Me Baby
Solid Rock
Saving Grace
What Can I Do for You?
In the Garden
Are You Ready?
Pressing On

In 2001, an unknown Japanese manufacturer re-released several classic boot CDs using the old TMQ logos. For this reason, they are referred to as "TMOQ Japan". This package is two cardboard slip cases with black and white front stickers. The stickers are different to reflect the track list, but include the same photo. As is common to these releases, a silver foil TMQ-2 sticker is on each back, and the CDs are printed with the TMQ-2 logo. This set is a copy of the 1989 Wanted Man release Solid Rock.
It presents a great soundboard recording of the entire April 20 Dylan portion of the show. Recorded directly from a professionally shot video of the performance, It contains several between song edits. Some are professional fades, some are hard cuts. The quality throughout the tape, however, varies only slightly. Most of the tape has been EQ'd to lessen the slight tape hiss. This leaves some tracks, without the crisp high end punch.
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Massey hall, Toronto, Canada. April 20, 1980
* Massey Theatre April 19, 1980

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
TMOQ Japan / No catalog number

Released:    2001

Quality:    9½ stars  (10 stars first 3 songs)

Bob's Boots ref  #    BB-L78

Dylan was on a 'high' for the 5 show Massey Theatre residency of 1980. The gospel tour had just taken a two month break to catch their breath. During this hiatus Dylan recorded the 'Saved' album at Muscle Shoals, performed at the Grammy Award show, and recorded with Keith Green on his 'So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt' LP. The band was refreshed, and excited about the concert being recorded and filmed. Dylan delivers a power house performance. If you are a fan of the christian material, this is not to be missed. If you love to hear Dylan pouring his heart and soul into the show... this is the one.
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