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Love And Theft Live
source: Debut Live performances

Tweedle Dee & Dum (Tony - acoustic bass)
Mississippi (1)
Summer Days (Tony - acoustic bass)
Lonesome Day Blues (2)
Floater (Too Much Too Ask) (3)
High Water (Larry on banjo)(4)
Moonlight [Bob harp / Tony - acoustic bass) (5)
Honest With Me
Po' Boy (6)
Cry A While (7)
Sugar Baby (Tony - acoustic bass)

This is a sharp looking package, modeled after the official release. The sepia tinted front cover is taken from the cover of Love And Theft, and the folding cardboard package is reminiscent of its benefactor as well. The idea here is a fairly good one... to represent the entire Love And Theft release using the debut performance of each song. The two flaws are that the as of yet unperformed Bye And Bye is, of course, not included, and the Oct. 24 debut of Lonesome Day Blues is bad quality, so this is actually the second performance of that song. The songs are presented in the same order as the studio version for an authentic listen.
© 2002 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
Thanks to Mary Lou for scans
© 2002 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
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Spokane, Washington,  October 5, 2001 except:
(1) Central Point  Oct. 9, 2001
(2) Milwaukee Oct. 26, 2001
(3) Sioux City Oct. 23, 2001
(4) LA CA, Staples Center Oct. 19, 2001
(5) Key Arena, Seattle, Washington October 6, 2001
(6) Grand Rapids Nov.  6, 2001
(7) Sacramento CA Memorial Aud. Oct. 10, 2001

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Flou       /    FLU 005
April 2002
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Live Theft

Quality:  8 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-L80

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