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License To Sing
source: The Cultural Palace 3/13/95

Disc one
Crash On The Levee (h)
Lay Lady Lay
All Along The Watchtower
Just Like A Woman (h)
Tangled Up In Blue (h)
License To Kill (h)
Mr. Tambourine Man (a / h)
Disc two

The Times (a)
Boots Of Spanish Leather  (a / h)
God Knows
Man In The Long Black Coat (h)
Maggie's Farm
Like A Rolling Stone

This is a nice enough package. Thinman needs to continue with the clean looking packages that have served them well on past issues. The computer graphic fonts of this title border on the gaudy. Some might find it offensive that the double disc set contains only 95 minutes of music. Personally, I prefer the one concert to a package format. I don't like filler material that gives only a taste of other shows. However, with only twenty minutes over what could have been a one disc release, perhaps the manufacturers could find a way to lower the cost of a shortened two disc set. There is much more difficulty and expense involved with boot titles than with legit releases, so a lower cost package would be harder on the bottom line. However, a specially priced set would be unique in the boot world, and would definitely attract fans and attention. On the good side of the coin, Thinman uses the best quality tape to date for this release, and some great looking silk screened discs.© 2007 CD Pinkerton - bobsboots.com
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Cultural Palace  Prague, Czech Republic   3/13/95

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
THINMAN      /      052/53

Thanks to Keith Schweiger for scans

(a) - acoustic with the band
(h) - Bob on harp

7 stars

Bob's Boots ref  # 

Bob Dylan -  vocal, guitar, harp
Bucky Baxter - pedal steel guitar, electric slide guitar John Jackson - lead guitar
Tony Garnier - bass
Winston Watson - drums

© 2007 CD Pinkerton - bobsboots.com