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Mixin Up The Medicine
source: Studio Mixdown (Safety Tape)

Million Dollar Bash
Yea, Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread
I’m Not There (1956)
Please Mrs. Henry
Down In The Flood
Lo And Behold
This Wheel’s On Fire
You Ain’t Goin' Nowhere
I Shall Be Released
Too Much Of Nothing
Nothing Was Delivered
Odds And Ends
Get Your Rocks Off
Clothesline Saga
Apple Suckling Tree
Open The Door Homer
Nothing Was Delivered
Tears Of Rage
Quinn The Eskimo
Tiny Montgomery
Sign On The Cross
Going To Acapulco
All You Have To Do Is Dream

Hollow Horn has gone over the top once again to produce this beautiful set. I'm sure that many would argue that this material has been released to death, but few have ever heard the songs in this quality. Forget anything that you've ever heard... including the official release. No other release has ever used this so called "Safety Master". This was a studio setting type of recording that Garth Hudson had arranged. The story is told that it ended up in the personal collection of Neil Young, and has never before been released. This issue claims to be from that original mix-down tape of the recording session, and judging from the brilliance, you'll get no argument from us. By listening, one would have to agree it to be vastly superior to everything that has come before. You'll hear nuances and even instrument movements that you've never heard before.A lot of thought and care went into this project, and it's all reflected in the final product.© 2009 CD Pinkerton -
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Jewel Case Inserts:
Source / Venue: Studio sound-board Safety Tape of the Basement Tapes sessions

Manufacturer / Matrix No.
Hollow Horn   /  CXVM3980

Released:   March 2009

Quality:   8-10 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-m59

Thanks to Tiny Montgomery for scans

Review: This release is in a cardboard tryptic folder. It includes a center booklet that is stapled and pasted to the cardboard. The booklet includes 7 William Stout drawings. The full color photos are breath-taking. This is a must have release for any size collection. The 77 minute disc also includes four songs from a cassette source, to attempt to recreate the reported recording session. The bonus tracks are quite obviously in a lesser quality, but still make for an enjoyable listen. There is no catalog number on the package, so what's shown above is the actual disc matrix number. has produced the cover art work for the jewel box enthusiasts as BB-m59. The cover art work can be downloaded from the links above. This is one of the best highlights in a year that has been flooded with them.
© 2009 CD Pinkerton -
© 2009 CD Pinkerton -