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Naked Empire
source: Empire Burlesque outtakes

New Danville Girl
Tight Connection To My Heart (3)
Clean Cut Kid (2)
I'll Remember You
Seeing The Real You At Last
Something's Burning Baby
Trust Yourself 
Emotionally Yours 
When The Night Comes Falling (3)
Never Gonna Be The Same Again (3)
Waiting To Get Beat (3)
Straight A's In Love (2)
The Very Thought Of You (2)
Driftin' Too Far From Shore (2)
Who Loves You More (2)
Go 'Way Little Boy  (1)

This Godfather release was issued in a folding cardboard package in late 2007. The back cover insert linked above was created from the package back that pays tribute to the first release of this material, Clean Cuts, with the cover photo. The cover is a great looking take off of the official 1985 CBS release Empire Burlesque album cover. This material has been released before, but this is the best release to date both visually and sonically. The material here was copied from the Tempest Storm release of a decade earlier, but the recording has been digitally processed to remove even more tape hiss. It is most evident on the quiet passages of Emotionally Yours. Cranked up, the listener will find it hard to dispute that they're hearing anything other than the original analog master noise. This set is simply a must have for anyone who doesn't own one of the previous releases. Another highlight is New Danville Girl. It's an earlier version of Brownsville Girl with altered lyrics. This song, as well as  Driftin' Too Far From Shore were album outtakes, but appeared the following year on Knocked Out Loaded. This set contains alternate takes of every official song on the album except for my favorite. The addition of the eight outtakes attempts to placate. The blues soaked Who Loves You More is nice, as is the previously mentioned Knocked Out tracks, but it's not too hard to see why the others remained outtakes.
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Empire Burlesque sessions
NYC & Hollywood, CA  July 1984-April 1985

Manufacturer / Catalog No.

Soundboard Quality / None listed

Released:  2007

9 stars
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Clean Cuts
Tempest Storm
Outside the Empire
Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-n01
Thanks to Lincoln Park Mark
Track info:
Empire Burlesque sessions
The material is from:
Cherokee Studio
     Guitar: Ira Ingber
     Bass: Carl Sealove
     Keyboards: Vince Melamed
     Drums: Don Heffington
     Backing vocals: Madelyn Quebec
Except for:
(1) Power Station, NYC
     Guitar: Ronnie Wood
     Bass: Marvin Ettioni
     Organ: Benmont Tench
     Drums: Don Heffington
(2) Delta Sound Labs
     Guitar: Ronnie Wood
     Bass: John Davis
     Piano/synth: Bob Dylan
     Drums: Anton Fig
     Backing vocals: Carolyn Dennis
(3) Shakedown Sound Studios
     Guitar: Al Kooper
     Guitar: Mick Taylor
     Guitar: Ted Pearlman
     Guitar: Stuart Kimball
     Keyboards: Bob Dylan
     Drums: Sly Dunbar
     Bass: Robbie Shakespear
© 2008 CD Pinkerton -
© 2008 CD Pinkerton -