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Other (Funny) Side of  Bob Dylan, The source: various

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Review: by Chris Quigly
Being a professional comedian and a huge Bob Dylan fan and fan, it is an honor for me to write the review of this disc. The title, The Other Funny Side of Bob Dylan, is a play on words taken from Another side of Bob Dylan (His 4th studio album). I consider that release to be the big breakthrough record away from protest songs, and focusing introspectively on Bob himself. The intimate, personal, funny Another side of....Bob Dylan. The goal of a comedian is to try to make lite of bad situations and of the things that get to us all. The first track of this CD shows us that Dylan the comedian does a good job of this as he introduces his "latest hit" to the audience. He went on to say that his "hits" usually get played for a day or two! I had to laugh, because I never hear Bob Dylan on the radio as much as i should and I always wondered how Bob must think and feel about this... and now I know.  Tracks 2, 9, 17, 28, and 34 are quite bad and hacky for a comedian. Coming from Bob, however some are so bad that you cant help but laugh. Track 4 is very funny! It's a line that I could see myself using on stage... but Dylan beat me too it. Track 6 is funny to me, because I too sometimes forget the names of those I perform with... so i can relate!Tracks 12 and 15 are funny, especially because... I know that when people learn that I am a comedian, they try to be one in my presence. Here Bob demonstrates that it does not happen only to comedians, but to other types entertainers as well. This guy probably did not have time to sing Bob a song, so he told him a joke instead. Same as with track 30. It is nice to see that crazy people approach superstars too! The clever subtitle of the album comes from a line in the final stanza of Desolation Row. It also plays out well on track 19...  if it was a ghost, maybe. perhaps that track and tracks 11 and 25 should be subtitled Yes, I still get stoned! :-).© 2008 Chris Quigly and CD Pinkerton
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Inside Ins.(1)
Source / Venue:
Various venues and dates spanning Bob's career

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
WLR   /    2038


  7-9 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-o27

(1) Rome June 6, 1991
(2) Duluth July 3, 1999
(3) NYC, NY April 16, 1962
(4) Jackson, TN  Aug. 20, 2004
(5) New Orleans, LA May 3, 1976
(6) Irving Plaza NYC, NY  Dec 8, 1997
(7) Richmond, VA Aug. 15, 2004
(8) NYC, NY  Feb. 8, 1963
(9) Kingston, RI Nov. 17, 2004
(10) NYC, NY  Oct. 19, 1988
(11) Raleigh, NC  July 14, 1999
(12) Chicago  April 25, 1963
(13) Atlanta, GA  April 12, 2004
(14) WBAI Radio   NYC, NY  Feb. 1963
(15) Tinley Park, IL   July 9, 1999
(16) NYC, NY  Nov. 11, 2002
(17) West Lafayette, IN   Nov. 3, 2004
(18) Manchester, England  May 7, 1965
(19) No Body, DeKalb, IL  Oct. 31, 2004
(20) NYC, NY  April 16, 1962
(21) San Francisco  Oct. 13, 2001
(22) NYC, NY   Sept. 6, 1961
(23) Fort Worth, TX  May 16, 1976
(24) Fargo, ND   March 30, 2000
(25) Toronto, ON (Quest TV)  Feb 1, 1964
(26) Cincinnati, OH July 11, 1999
(27) Aspen, CO   Sept. 1, 2002
(28) Atlanta, GA  April 14, 2004
(29) NYC, NY   April 12, 1963
(30) San Francisco   Nov. 16, 1980
(31) Ann Arbor, MI   Nov. 7, 2002
(32) Columbus, OH   Nov. 16, 1990
(33 Erfurt, Germany   Nov. 6, 2005
(34) Detroit, MI   Nov. 9, 2001
(35) (with Johnny Cash) Nashville, TN  Feb. 18, 1969

Review: by Chris Quigly  (continued)
On track 22, Dylan makes a clever double entendre that could cause one to wonder what David Kemper did to deserve such crack ...whoha!!! what a dig! fact is, it's a back-handed compliment. Not always the fan of drummers, Dylan would many times prefer to have none at all. Speaking of digs, I love track 32! Any dig directed to the almighty sir Paul McCartney makes me laugh whether its coming from Bob, John, George or Ringo!Track 24... The comedian in me saw it coming a mile away, but it's still a thing of beauty: "Tony Garnier is playing bass tonight. Tony was here once before, and he got a bicycle for his wife. That was a good trade". Bob Dylan said that.
"Hear about those men who get arrested for having 2 wives.... what did they lose a bet?"  I said that.
All in all, it is a fun listen and guaranteed to crack a smile even on the seasoned comedian. The package is nice as well. A folding digipack with cool pics and complete track listing on the back, as well as all the detailed info on the inside. The front and back cover images linked above have been slightly modified by to accommodate a jewel case. The disc itself is a great looking silk screened pic of the fantastic caricature front cover drawing of Bob down in the easy chair. As far as a compilation disc goes, this one is one of a kind. I enjoyed it, and i think that you will too. Now, I know that I didn't comment on all of the tracks... and that is because those tracks are funny songs... and who am I to criticize or even comment on the degree of humor in His songs!?  So let me simply say that they show The Other Funny Side of Bob Dylan.
© 2008 Chris Quigly and CD Pinkerton -

© 2008 CD Pinkerton -