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Paranoid Blues
source: Various early '60s live

Quest TV:
The Times
Talking World War III Blues
Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
Girl Of The North Country
Hard Rain
Restless Farewell
Skip Weshner Show:
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Masters Of War
Bob Dylan's Blues
Gerdes Folk City:
Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
Talkin' New York /Talkin' Folk Lore Center
Corrina Corrina (Trad - Dylan arr)
Deep Ellum Blues (Trad)
Blowin' In The Wind
Billy Faier show:
Baby Let Me Follow You Down (von Schmidt)
Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues
Death Of Emmett Till
Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor (Trad)

This is a nice, early, collectible CD of some indispensable early '60s material. A few problems to note are: The recordings were made directly from vinyl LPs. There is slight (but by no means offensive) vinyl noise. The worst problem is with the Billy Faier show. The version here was originally recorded from broadcast on a receiver that was constantly drifting, and producing white noise interference. It gets to be quite annoying. There are clean versions of this great recording available. An oddity with the packaging is that, while the material is from 1962, the photos and artwork are from 1969. No matter, they are quite nice. The best thing of all about this package is that the captivating front cover photo is silk screened  onto the CD itself producing a relatively rare (in 1990) picture CD. Very nice.
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Ins. (b)
Source / Venue:
Quest TV, Toronto, ON  Recorded 2/01/64
Broadcast on the CBC 3-10-64
Skip Weshner show WBAI radio, NYC Feb.1963
Gerdes Folk City, NYC  April 16, 1962
Billy Faier show WBAI radio, NYC Oct. 1962

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Diamonds In Your Ear  /  CD42

6-7 stars

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